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‘’Steel Life’’, the second solo-show of the artist at Custot Gallery, works as a continuation of the artist’s previous exhibition ‘’Natural Sublime’’. By bringing forth new organic forms and new production processes, a new layer of complexity and depth is added to Rivieren’s work.

Steel Life: Text
Steel Life: Pro Gallery

A selection of 14 new and existing works is presented in the gallery space, taking the viewer into an exploration of the thematical growth this new body of work introduces. Through recognizable and nostalgic organic shapes, we find ourselves communicating with an inert nature, creating a sense of distorted and dissonant memory.

The development of this material complexity by Rivieren is highlighted in works such as Acorn (2023) or Pine Cone (2023), where new treatments of his signature stainless steel are presented to create interlocking textures, bringing life to the harsh and industrial material. These new patterns and techniques are the result of a direct confrontation between the artist and nature itself. A confrontation where the inherent architectural freedom of the earth’s designs must be tamed by Rivieren’s steel-bending skills.

Evolving from a riff on the fading sublime of nature, to the exploration of life in stillness, the work of Arnaud Rivieren develops in a continuous shape. Their shape dictated by nature; these sculptures grow out of their steel to become symbols of individuality.

Steel Life: Text
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